Monday, January 21, 2013

There's a reason I'm not a handyman

In addition to Samuel's drafting table and lamp, our weekend trip to Pennsylvania netted an old Art Deco metal cabinet. We used the Jennifer Theory of Accounting, which states that the more you buy, the easier it is to justify the cost of the rental car until its effective cost actually approaches negative numbers. If we just kept buying stuff, eventually we'd be rich. Or so the theory goes.

You would think that with all of our financial wizardry we'd have more money in our checking account than we do. Instead we have closets crammed full of cargo-sized packages of toilet paper.

But back to our Art Deco cabinet. Here are the Before, During, and After shots:

I must admit, it looks pretty good if you don't mind the red overspray all over the basement floor. But what the hell, that's what a super is for, right?

And just for kicks, here's the drafting table and lamp in their final location in the boys' bedroom:

It's been a long weekend. I'm Bob Vila-ed out. Not to mention broke and high on paint fumes.

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