Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy birthday, Samuel



Everyone met at the movie theater for the Saturday morning matinee of "Warm Bodies," a zombie version of Romeo and Juliet that wasn't bad at all.

Then back to our apartment for pizza, Wii, and just hanging out. There were four new friends from Samuel's high school, one of their girlfriends (gasp), and Elyse and Lindsey from Samuel's old school. Ethan hung out with them a bit, then retreated to his laptop to play Sims 3.

It was nice to meet his new friends, all of whom seem like good kids--not a lot of thugs at the High School of Math, Science and Engineering, apparently. After thirty minutes of Wii, someone broke out the Twister, but like a slow clap that doesn't catch on, it was quickly abandoned. Then Jennifer brought out the birthday donuts, we sang, and Samuel blew out the candles.

Eventually, one by one, the guests departed. By 4pm, it was just Samuel, Lindsey, and Elise--the old gang, like nine-year-olds on a playdate.

Happy birthday, my sweet boy.

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