Wednesday, July 3, 2013


One of my favorite little kids' clothing stores is closing.

I blame Jennifer. I gave her ample opportunities to have more kids, which would've kept them in business for at least a few more years.

What I love about Granny-Made:
  • They smile when you walk in the store.
  • They have a dog that hangs out in the store all day and likes to be petted.
  • They celebrate childhood with creations like a lime-green toddler swimsuit with a pink tutu. If there is beauty in the universe, it is a smiling toddler wearing that swimsuit.
  • The front window makes you feel good when you walk by--like you're not the only person in the world who believes in the magic of lime-green toddler swimsuits, or pink butterfly dresses with tiaras. Everybody deserves a little magic in life, and there's too little of it, dammit.
  • One of the owners is a guy, which makes me feel less creepy about liking pink dresses.
  • They've graciously featured my books in their window, which was a great way to impress friends that came over for dinner--I'd casually walk them past the store until they said, "Hey, isn't that your book?" Then I'd act mildly surprised in a jaded, successful-author kind of way.

  • They're one of those little neighborhood stores that makes the Upper West Side the kind of place in which Jennifer and I wanted to raise our kids and block other pedestrians with our strollers.
They'll still be on the web at But I will miss the little bit of magic they brought to the block.


  1. Nice tribute. Sorry they're closing.

  2. we luved carrying Todd's wonderful books, and will continue to feature them on our website when we re-launch after Labor day