Sunday, December 22, 2013

Simchat something

I just got back from a Jewish baby naming ceremony. I was invited by a friend at work who has a new baby.

I generally suck at even the most basic forms of social ritual, so throw in religion...and add in anything involving chanting in a foreign language, and I'm out of my element.

Are you supposed to wear a suit? (I did, and that was a pretty safe call.)

Are you supposed to bring a gift? (I didn't, but I didn't see anyone else bring one.)

Are you supposed to wear one of those little Jewish caps? (Hope not. Everyone else had one, except the babies. I'm claiming affinity with the babies.)

When everyone starts singing in Hebrew, are you supposed to move your lips as if you're singing? Even though you obviously don't know the words? Or is that an affront to the faith? (Still not sure. I was the only one not singing.)

Is it inappropriate to make faces at the toddlers in the audience? I mean if they look directly at you? (I have a feeling I failed on this one.)

I survived. I didn't get kicked out, and God didn't strike me dead (always a concern of mine in a house of worship). As far as I could tell, no one whispered behind my back, "Hey, that guy's not wearing his little cap."

So...victory. And now to start packing for our trip to Illinois to celebrate the Christian toy-giving ritual.

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