Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reality bites

Well, it's not the way I wanted Samuel to get a DeLorean for his sixteenth birthday. I wanted to get him a real DeLorean.

I know, I know, that's a crazy idea, given that:

a) We live in NYC--the parking would cost more than the car
b) Samuel doesn't have a driver's license
c) When would we ever drive it, really? It's a two-seater, so it's not like we could go on family outings in it
d) We unfortunately don't have a pot of extra cash lying around waiting to be spent on something really frivolous like a DeLorean

So it was never a serious consideration. I knew that. I've known that all along.


I'm a dreamer. Jennifer constantly pulls me back in the direction of reality, and I constantly pull her in the direction of whimsy, and I think we both appreciate those qualities in one another.

But on this DeLorean thing...

I'm not giving up. Just so you know.

Don't tell Jennifer.

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