Friday, March 14, 2014

Review of Disney's "Fantasia" by Ethan

We watched this old Disney movie, but there was no dialogue. Just classical music. The first segment was just these weird lights flashing around in the sky. Next one was a bunch of these naked fairy things flying around in the forest and, like, changing the seasons. And suddenly it just showed a bunch of dancing fruit for like twenty minutes. The last one was so weird. It basically looked like the old version of My Little Pony. There were unicorns and stuff, and this little paperboy comes in and tries to scare this horse. For ten minutes it was just these three little baby pegasi swimming and flying around. There were these naked babies flying around and they didn't have any private parts. Then these two big pegasi who might have been their teachers or parents or the king and queen were helping them through it, then after that it showed all these naked girls in a pond brushing their hair and, like, showering in the water. No one had any nipples.

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