Sunday, June 22, 2014

Big, exciting events of the past week

Pookie the evil housecat has a kidney stone, which means he's meowing all the time and peeing on various things around the apartment. Unfortunately, the vet says he'll recover.

Jen went to visit her mom and dad in Illinois for a few days, which gave me the opportunity to clean out the freezer and replace all the year-old frozen meat with a few essentials.

While Jen was gone, I took the boys to Camelbeach waterpark for Father's Day. It was only 80 degrees, so it was a teensy bit cold in the wave pool. On the other hand, there were no lines.

We bought season passes last August when I was still gainfully employed, and they last through this summer. So our "summer vacation" will consist solely of going to Camelbeach multiple times. I know...first-world problems.

Jen is back from Illinois. Ethan has been on his laptop non-stop since school ended last week. Samuel has a cough and fever and is spending the weekend recovering.

I'm awaiting feedback on a couple of picture book manuscripts, interviewing for jobs, and trying not to stress about finances.

So there you have it.

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