Friday, May 29, 2015

BEA 2015

I attended my first BEA this week--which stands for Book Expo America. It's the annual convention for publishers, book retailers and librarians.

I signed copies of My Grandma's a Ninja, and posters for Beep, Beep, Go to Sleep (the books aren't printed yet). 

That's Beth, Grandma Ninja editor.

There were multiple authors signing simultaneously and continuously throughout the day, and BEA ran a tight ship--every author had a line, partitioned from the next author's. It looked like security check-in at JFK.

I'm under no illusion that people were there to see me vs. just wanting some free swag. So what? I'm still a rock star. 

Both books were on display at the publisher booths. Fun to see Beep, Beep on a shelf for the first time.

My personal haul:

A signed poster for the forthcoming Waiting by Kevin Henkes. I have no library wall to hang it on, but I actually was just there to meet Kevin Henkes. (Jen just saw the poster on the dining table and said, "Oh, I love Kevin Henkes.")

An advance copy of The League of Unexceptional Children, by Gitty Daneshvari. It's a Little, Brown book and it comes highly recommended by Allison, my Beep, Beep editor.

Finally, an advance copy of Last in a Long Line of Rebels, a debut novel by Lisa Lewis Tyre. I nabbed this one directly from the hands of the publisher!

All out this fall--along with Beep, Beep! Okay. We have a little bit of reading to do, and a lot of writing.

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