Thursday, December 3, 2015

Let me tell you about Books of Wonder

It's NYC's oldest and largest children's bookstore. It's a magical place that has survived the successive onslaughts of Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. It's a place that has created so many memories for so many children over the past thirty-five years that just to set foot in it is like walking into Disneyland on a day that Jim Henson, Dr, Seuss, and Walt Disney are all there to personally greet you.

I would not have set foot in this place in 1980. 

They did not sell T-shirts with the F word across the front. All they sold was children's books. Bah. And if someone had suggested that in thirty-five years I'd be reading my own children's book here, I'd have said, "What's it called? Go the F to Sleep?" Then I'd laugh and flip the perm out of my eyes.

But here I am, baby. And I'm reading with a fellow author, Corey Rosen Schwartz, who likes ninjas so much that she has written not one but two ninja children's books. She is double cool.

We will be there, center stage, this Saturday, December 5, 18 West 18th Street, at 4pm! How big a deal is this, you ask? Todd Parr, the celebrated author/illustrator of over thirty books and creator of a TV show called "ToddWorld" (which I also wish I'd come up with), is doing his reading at 11am. In other words, he's, like, the warm-up act. Shhh--don't tell him.

Come join us. Buy a book and give it to someone little that you love. Spread a little joy--the world needs it.

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