Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Root beer taste test

Samuel and I were at the deli trying to decide which root beer to get, and we decided to let science determine our future buying habits. The contenders: Boylan, Mug, Stewart's, and Stewart's birch beer.

The verdicts?

Judge #1: "I chose Stewart's. It had a traditional, crisp root beer flavor. Runner-up was Mug, which was good but a tad too creamy. I didn't like the cane sugar in Boylan. And the birch beer was too candy-like. I want my root beer to taste like root beer."

Judge #2: "I liked the birch beer the best. It reminded me of Root Beer Barrel candy, which brought back happy memories of when I was a kid. My runner-up was Boylan, which had a unique taste. I thought there was too much vanilla in the Stewart's."

Judge #3: "Mug was my favorite. It just tasted like root beer. Stewart's was my runner-up. The birch beer had the strongest taste, but it was a little too strong. The Boylan didn't taste enough like root beer to me."

In summary, the judges could not reach a consensus. Judge #4, seen in the background, had absolutely no interest in participating in the taste test to break the tie.

Below, Judge #3 attempts a daring Stewart's root beer/birch beer combo. "Hmm. Not bad." 

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