Monday, January 4, 2016

8 Things I Loved About Zander

I spent New Years in Chicago for my niece's wedding. Jen and the boys didn't go, so I spent a lot of time hanging out with the cutest 18-month-old in the universe.

Here are eight things I loved about him:

1. He was fun to have conversations with--even if it was just pointing and saying one word every thirty seconds. "Sit!" "Go!" "Tree!" "Yellow!"

2. He found joy in simple things like watching a waitress make margaritas in a blender, examining an ornament on a Christmas tree, watching a violinist play a solo at a wedding ceremony. So many new and exciting things in the world.

3. He could walk, and he could even sort of run--but not too fast. And if he started to get into too much trouble I could just scoop him up. 

4. He was very determined. He liked what he liked and wanted what he wanted--generally someone's mobile phone. He required the ability to think fast to distract him with car keys or a look out the window or a belly tickle.

5. He had a great sense of humor: quick to smile, to mimic, to laugh at the sound of someone blowing their nose. 

6. He was full of love: always excited to hug his mom or dad, or his big brother, whom he'd watch intently, especially when he had something of interest--like a mobile phone.

7. I didn't have to change any diapers or deal with any meltdowns or try to put him to bed when he'd been up too late. I would've if called upon.

8. There is really nothing on Earth like holding hands with an 18-month-old. Getting a hug. Kissing his cheek. Carrying him around until your forearm muscle starts to cramp, and not even caring.


You and I both know this is really about Samuel. Right? And Ethan. And how life moves way too quickly, and how you just wish you could slow it all down and be a dad of an 18-month-old again. And again. And again.

As if that's not obvious. As if there could possibly be anything greater in the world to aspire to.

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