Monday, June 27, 2016

Good week

We should start off with the obvious, which is that Samuel graduated from high school.

I know, that deserves its own entry, but in reality it wasn't the big emotional upheaval I thought it would be. The ceremony itself was almost three hours long, complete with three guest speakers that no one gave a whit about, and two musical interludes that no one gave a whit about either. The only tears were tears of boredom by me and Ethan.

They should hire someone like me to do these graduation ceremonies. I'd have people in and out in an hour.

Other news:

My freelance gig got extended, which from a financial point of view was an important event. Our mortgage will be paid for at least six more months.

I signed a contract for a new book, which was quite important psychologically, though not so much financially.

And, not to mix the small with the big, but I finished a manuscript revision this weekend, I had a good run in the park this morning, and Samuel and I finally fixed the two towel racks that had come loose from the bathroom walls six months ago. Never underestimate the psychological impact of sturdy towel racks.

Let me just close by saying: congrats, Samuel.

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