Thursday, June 16, 2016

Proud owner of 3 Oculus Rifts

Todd: First, welcome to the blog.

(Samuel nods silently.)

Todd: As you may recall, I got an alert from PayPal a couple of days ago that said thanks for my payment of $599 to Oculus VR. So I came home and said, "Samuel, did you buy something from Oculus VR for $599?" You said, "Oh, that's my Oculus Rift!"

Samuel (nodding): Yes.

Todd: So let's start with, What is an Oculus Rift, and why did you want one?

Samuel: It's a Virtual Reality headset that allows you to feel like you're in a virtual space. I wanted one because I've always been fascinated with being able to create fake things and make them feel real...similar to theme park rides.

Todd: This is not your first one, though.

Samuel: A few years ago I got the first developer kit. It was for people who were developing games for virtual reality. 

Todd: And what happened to that one?

Samuel: I kept that one until the second development kit came out, and then I got the second one. I sold the first one on eBay.

Todd: Did you make a profit?

Samuel: Yes. About a hundred dollars.

Todd: How was the DK2 different from the DK1?

Samuel: DK2 had a screen that was specifically designed for virtual reality, so there was less of a pixelated effect on the screen, and less of the things that can go wrong on an LCD screen. More important, it had motion tracking, which means it came with a camera, and there are infrared LEDs embedded in the headset so it can track if you're moving not just up and down but side to side.

Todd: Do you still have the DK2?

Samuel: Yep. But my friend Osheen said he might be interested in buying it.

Todd: So, as you know, the day after I got the first alert from  PayPal I got another alert from PayPal. It said thanks for my payment of $599 to Oculus VR. I said, "Samuel? What's going on?"

Samuel: Yep. 

Todd: What happened?

Samuel: I realized I had accidentally ordered two. 

Todd: So how will this story end?

Samuel: We're probably going to send back the second one or sell it on eBay. 

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