Sunday, September 11, 2016

All good things must come to an end

Well, it was a good summer. Sigh. 

Here are all the things I did...

  • 5 trips to Hurricane Harbor
  • 2 beaches
  • 2 Central Park sprinkler challenges
  • 1 camping trip
  • 3 NEW waterparks (Kalahari, Aquatopia, Brownstone Park)
  • 1 Paul McCartney concert with Jen
  • 1 signed book contract ("Naughty Ninja Takes a Bath")
  • 1 bookstore story time
  • 1 trip to New Orleans for work (the Essence Festival!)
  • 1 freelance job extension (people say money can't buy happiness but it's amazing what paying one's bills does to relieve stress)
  • 1 high school graduation
  • 1 boy off to college

Much as I'd like to slow down this river of life sometimes, all we can do is create the best memories we can.

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