Saturday, September 10, 2016

Brownstone Park!

Okay, so this is the coolest "water park" ever, it's only 2 hours from Manhattan, and I'd never heard of it until a week ago, when I was looking for excuses to come visit Samuel at Trinity.

It's an old quarry in Connecticut (between New Haven and Hartford) that filled with water back in the 1930s and sat dormant until some folks decided about 10 years ago that it would make a cool water park.

It makes a very cool water park: zip lines, inflatibles, cliff jumping, a water slide. Lines were short, and I liked the fact that it was in a natural setting and had an interesting history.

Here's what it looked like as a quarry:

See the house at the top of the cliff in the photo above (just to the left of the pole)? It's still there in the photo below.

You can see it clearer here:

Here's a nice POV shot from the top of the slide...

...and from the top of the cliff jump...

This was the last weekend of the season, but we'll be back next year. 

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