Thursday, May 25, 2017


Songs and poems about the passage of time and love and loss have always had deep meaning for me.

I can't read "Ten Tiny Toes" at book readings without my voice cracking. It's my love letter to Samuel and Ethan through time and space, and through it they will be forever young. That's heavy to get through when you're looking at toddlers sitting on their moms' laps, and you get to the part where the toes are grown up, and you see the moms in the audience start to tear up.

Because at that moment we're all thinking the same thing: what we wouldn't give to stop time, or turn back time.

I love these two songs. One is about reevaluating one's life at the end of a relationship. The other is about comforting a child through a lullabye that the writer realizes will out-live them both.

Sorry to be such a downer.

Hey. Sometimes it helps to sing.

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