Sunday, November 19, 2017

And in lighter news...

Samuel came home unexpectedly last night. Everything is fine. We all stayed up late, slept late, and had bagels at Orwasher's. A wave of calmness sweeps over me whenever both boys are here.

This afternoon Samuel and Bailey helped me remove the dead flowers from our window boxes. (Full disclosure: Bailey was just there for the photo op.)

This planting lasted from July to mid-November. This is what our building looked like for the past five building on the block.

The window boxes were my idea, and if I knew anything about gardening I'd save the co-op some money and do the plantings myself. But all I know is that buildings look better with flowers. So my participation is limited to pulling out the dead stuff. he a sweet boy or what?

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  1. Yes, homes look better with flowers! I am happiest when all my family is here. That happens at best twice a year since my daughter moved to North Carolina but it is so sweet when it does happen.