Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The 3-day weekend to get the club chair

About a month ago I bought an Art Deco club chair on eBay. 

It was pick-up only, in Pennsylvania. What a great excuse to rent a truck, stay overnight, and get the chair on the way home.

I suggested an indoor waterpark resort (duh). But it was $600/night on the weekends, and Ethan didn't really want to go, so Jo and I decided to go on a Sunday night--just us--and take a vacation day on Monday.

Here is our 3-day extravaganza:

Saturday (pre-trip rest day):

We explored Roosevelt Island in the sunshine...

...followed by dinner with Ethan at "Good Enough to Eat"...

...followed by a late night at Chelsea Piers. Jo had never golfed before, but Ethan and I tied for worst shot of the night: we each hit a ball that ricocheted off the front of the deck and ended up behind us. 


En route to Pennsylvania, we decided to take a detour to Chester, NJ, where I lived for a year when I was ten.

We stopped at Taylor's Ice Cream (still there 45 years later)...

...went to the athletic field, where I demonstrated my fifth-grade football form...

...then to my elementary school...

...and the woods behind my old house, where my brother Brad and I had a motorcycle accident in the summer of '73. Jo and I helpfully recreated the event.

We visited my old house... 

...even knocked on the door, took a tour of the inside, and posed on the porch.

Here's me and Brad in '73, for context:

Eventually we made our way to Camelback Lodge, where we were the oldest kids at the waterpark.


A few more water slides, then we packed up and headed out to pick up the chair, stopping for lunch at a place called Mission BBQ, which had a big military truck out front.

We picked up the chair, which BARELY fit into the back of our SUV, and headed back to Manhattan.


But look! Mission Accomplished!

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