Monday, April 30, 2007

A Day With Ethan

Ethan and I spent the afternoon together yesterday. Our mission was to pick up Samuel from a playdate at 66th and Madison. Between us and our destination: 1,000 miles of uncharted wilderness.

2:20pm: After a shared turkey sandwich by the water fountains at the Museum of Natural History, we checked out the scene at the dog run.

2:45pm: We grabbed some rations upon entering the park. I had Cookies and Cream, Ethan had green Shots.

3:15pm: We met our neighbor Wimsey the Bloodhound at around 76th Street.

4:00pm: We climbed Mt. Everest about midway through the park.

4:20pm: Ethan destroyed some zombies with a magic wand.
4:45pm: Destination. We met Cameron's cat, "Jenny" and prepared for the journey back home.

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