Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge

The boys are on Spring Break this week, and we kicked it off with an overnighter at Great Wolf Lodge, in the Poconos.

Warning: do not go to Great Wolf Lodge if you do not like kids. You will be surrounded by wall-to-wall kids from the moment you enter the lobby to the time you elbow your way back out the door to the parking lot full of SUVs.

We invited along extra kids, just to make sure we got the full experience.

In addition to the water park, there's an attraction called MagiQuest, in which you search for mystical objects in the hallways of the hotel, then try to slay a video dragon by repeatedly shaking a plastic wand at it, in a process that I don't fully understand. MagiQuest was not my cup of tea.

We could've stayed another day or two.

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