Sunday, June 8, 2008

Busy Weekend

The adventure begins with a new light in our foyer on Friday. This will interest absolutely no one except Art Deco buffs like myself. I got it on eBay. Does it kick ass or what?? I get way too excited over stuff like this.

Saturday was sunny and hot. We went to the water terrace at the Museum of Natural History in between loads of laundry and cleaning the air conditioner screens.

Saturday night we had dinner at EJ's, then Samuel and Jennifer went to see "Mary Poppins" on Broadway. Ethan had no interest, and I had to finish a presentation for work (kinda makes me feel like Darren Stevens from "Bewitched"--"I'll be working on the presentation this weekend, Mr. Tate"). So Ethan and I stayed home.

Sunday was hot and sunny again. But Samuel was not feeling well, and I owe two manuscript revisions to my agent. (I like saying "my agent," as if I'm JK Rowling--but hey, maybe "The Dog Who Cried Woof" will finally put me on the map.) In any case, Samuel stayed in bed playing Nintendo and I'm on the computer, pretending it's not hot and sunny outside.

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