Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day on Governor's Island

Yesterday afternoon I picked up Samuel from a playdate downtown, and we took the long way home...via a teensy little ferry trip to Governor's Island. (I know, I know, I have impluse control issues. Jennifer has already informed me.) We decided to come back today with Jennifer and Ethan.

We rented a 4-seat "quadcycle" to explore the island. You kind of assume that they'll just sort of go by themselves, but...they really don't, and they aren't light. The manual labor necessitated immediate shirt removal.

The view toward Manhattan was spectacular--a mere half-mile away.

Our hippie kids danced around the moat surrounding one of the two forts on the island.

Samuel and I were determined to touch the cannons overlooking the harbor, which helped intimidate the sissy Brits during the War of 1812.

Jennifer protected Ethan from bugs, a recurring theme in our recent outings.

Back home in time for baths, laundry, and walking the dog. A good Father's Day.

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