Monday, January 19, 2009

Dog Weekend, Part 2

Since it was a three-day weekend we decided to stay at a hotel on Sunday night. Business hotels are cheaper on weekends, especially via Priceline, so it's an inexpensive mini-vacation: swim in the pool, sit in the jacuzzi, jump on the beds, eat restaurant food, just hang out together and pretend you're in the Bahamas.

A night at the Stamford Marriott in January is not exactly a week at Atlantis, but for $90 it's close enough.

Actually, $140. There's a $50 pet charge.

Yes, I convinced Jennifer that we should take Kahlua. We saved on a car rental by taking the subway to Grand Central, then a Metro North train to Stamford, then a cab to the hotel.

Kahlua met another Spaniel on the train, so they had a little meet-and-greet.

By the time we got to the hotel my arms were coming out of their sockets from lugging Kahlua around in her pet carrier.

We couldn't all leave the room at once because we knew she'd bark like crazy and scratch up the door. So Jen and I took shifts with the boys at the pool, which was directly across the hall.

Since we couldn't take her to a restaurant, we ordered room service for dinner. And again for breakfast.

Kahlua loved it, of course. We did too, but in more of a "remember that one time we took Kahlua with us to a hotel?" kind of way.

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