Sunday, January 11, 2009


On Friday evening Jennifer said to me, "It's supposed to snow this weekend. What did you do with the boys' sled?"

I said, "You mean the $15 plastic one from 2005 that had been sitting under their bed collecting dust and taking up space but which I had to do something with when we bought the boys a trundle bed last year because there is not a single square inch of storage space left in the apartment? Is that the one you're referring to?"

To which you would THINK she would reply, "Yes, that's the one, and you were smart to throw it out, since it's true that we don't have enough space in the apartment, the sled was big and bulky, rarely used, relatively inexpensive, and easy to replace, and it's true that I horde things like Citizen Kane."

Her actual response was slightly different, but fast forward, the hardware store on Columbus and 90th Street had some in stock, and we all went sledding at Riverside Park today, complete with Kahlua.

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