Friday, March 27, 2009


A few minutes ago I walked outside from my office to mail a bill and get some air. I'd been inside all day, didn't get a chance to have lunch. On my way back I decided, since it was 60 degrees, to take a "long cut" and go down a block I'd never been down before.

I discovered an ice cream shop that I never knew was there, and out front was a little Cavalier puppy, who was happy to be petted and even hoped that I would share my cone with him.

Every now and then I am struck by the serendipitous joy that is all around us, in little nooks and crannies, that peeks its head out amidst the monotony of life.

The scary thing is that my mental state is inching precariously close to the 90-year-old who finds joy in a well-pruned shrub.

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