Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bailey catches a bird

(as told to Todd)

Bailey: I caught a bird! I caught a bird! I actually caught a real bird!

Kahlua: A pigeon.

Bailey: I was going for my walk this morning! With Kahlua and Dad! On our block! And, and, I peeked around a stoop, and I just, using my instincts as a hunting animal, I just pounced on him.

Kahlua: The pigeon was asleep.

Bailey: And I got his wing in my mouth! And he started flapping around like this! (Demonstrates bird flapping around.) I could barely hang onto him! But I didn't let go! I just went like this! (Demonstrates clenched teeth.)

Kahlua: Anyone could've gotten him. He looked sickly.

Bailey: And then Dad said "Drop him! Drop him!" But I didn't want to let him go! Then Dad stuck his shoe between me and the bird, and I couldn't hold him, and he kind of just ran away under a car!

Kahlua: Dad saved Bailey from getting pecked to death by a sickly pigeon.

Bailey: It was so cool! My first real bird! I'm, like, an alpha-male hunting dog!

Kahlua: You're pathetic.

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