Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Weekend of Summer

We spent the first two days of Labor Day Weekend cleaning, and the final day playing.

We own a studio apartment next door that we've always intended to combine with ours, but the rental income is like crack. Our renter moved out last week, so we spent Saturday and Sunday cleaning and painting.

Not exactly how we envisioned spending Labor Day Weekend, but we feel better having it done. And, you know, no one wants to hear you complain about how you had to clean your rental apartment. It's like complaining about having to wax your Porsche.

We had a nice little picnic on Saturday evening in Central Park. The dogs and kids got to run around a bit.

And we spent the FINAL day of summer 2009 at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom. It's about an hour and 45 minutes away, in Pennsylvania. We'd never been there.

It was overcast most of the day, and the temperature only got up to mid-70s. But that kept the lines short, especially for rides where you get wet--Samuel rode a log ride for the first time since being traumatized by the one at Rye Playland at age 3.

I always hate to see summer go, but we had a great summer this year, and we went out on a high note.

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