Saturday, July 17, 2010

Durango, part 2

1. I did a book reading and signing this morning at Maria's Bookstore on Main Avenue...and some people actually showed up. The store has sold about 30 copies of my book--which is surely equal to the combined sales throughout the rest of the country. My mom is responsible for about 26 of them, but that still leaves 4.

2. My 30-year high school class reunion was actually quite fun. It was low-key, nobody tried to impress anyone else, and I was genuinely happy to see every single person there. "I like you because we went to high school together." That's the only way to explain it.

3. No, I didn't plot with the publisher to release my book just prior to my class reunion. Only a truly cynical person would suggest such an ugly thing. But thanks for thinking that I might have.

4. My brother, niece, and nephews took me hiking/jumping/sliding/swimming down a narrow gorge called Cascade Creek this afternoon. I've never used the expression "omg" before, but if I were going to, I'd use it now. (Yeah, we jumped from the top of that waterfall, and that was after I'd almost peed in my shorts from the first two we jumped off further upstream.)

5. How did Durango morph from the sleepy, dusty cow town from which I plotted my escape in 1980, to, like, the coolest, hippest town ever? Surely I haven't changed.

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