Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why the downfall of teen blogging is good for America

Apparently teens are doing less blogging and more short posting on social media sites.


For starters, 93.7% of teens can't read or write. Twitter requires no punctuation or grammar, and you don't even have to spell long words like "are" and "you."

Second, no one was reading their blogs anyway. The average blog generates less than 1 visitor per month. Not even the self-absorbed person who writes it bothers to read it. For blogs written by teens, the figure is probably a negative number.

And--here's the kicker--with Facebook and Twitter, you can write, like, a zillion posts in a few minutes...LOL this, BFF that. Giving teens the illusion that they're actually accomplishing something is exactly what they need to boost their self-esteem so they'll feel good about themselves as they fail in life.

go teens u r gr8!!!


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  2. No, no this is a terrible thing! The average teenage mind seems linked inexplicably linked to Facebook - they plan out the statuses they will post when they get home, in all variety of horrific spellings, they take pictures, for the sole reason of uploading them. Barely a day goes by when someone doesn't say to me at school "Did you see on Facebook...". Few read for fun. Fewer still write anything beyond 'luv yuuu 4ever bb', their minds seem to have simply atrophied.

    I wish I had been born in the 60s.

    (As a side note - my blog generates around 30 views a day.)