Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Limelight IHOP

IHOP is opening a restaurant in the old church that housed Limelight.

For those of you who are not as culturally hip as I am, Limelight was a disco in NYC in the 1980s--the successor to Studio 54.

I went to Limelight exactly once, in 1983, when I was at NYU. I balked at the $20 cover charge ("Man, we could've just bought wine coolers and partied at the dorm"), but I was out-voted.

It was too loud to talk, and too crowded to do anything except shuffle along and hope you came face-to-face with some hot chicks.

I met my first tranvestite that night.

Good times.

In retrospect it was worth the $20 just to be able to write this blog entry. But Samuel and I are more excited about the new IHOP than I ever was about Limelight.

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  1. Dear Limelight neighbors - sell your apartments now. I live in one of the apartments behind the hellhole on 14th Street, and I and all my fellow shareholders are praying for the day when the "Going Out Of Business" signs go up. The noise from the heavy equipment never, never stops, and the smell ... The SMELL!!!! It comes in through the windows in hot waves that are so strong they can wake me out of a deep sleep. My apartment stinks like a cheap hotel kitchen after the breakfast rush now. If you own an apartment in one of the neighborhoods slated to get their very own IHop, get out now. Because once the doors open on the new grease palace, you'll be trapped. No one will buy your place once they see, hear and smell what's going on. IHop corporate won't take responsibility for the actions of the local owner, and the local owner just dodges the problems. Repeated calls to 311 and city government haven't helped either. So, you've been warned. IHop is a neighborhood-killer. And no one will help you.