Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Update

Friday: I weaseled my way into the front window of Granny-Made, the children's shop around the corner. They're probably not gonna sell a lot of books, but I really like the idea of walking by nonchalantly with friends, waiting until they spot my book, then pretending I knew nothing about it.

Saturday: dog haircuts. They look like cyborgs in the photo, because the flash of the camera bounces off the inside of their brains, and since there is nothing in there, it just reflects back. But they look good in real life.

Sunday: Renaissance Fair. Samuel and Ethan were not particularly interested this year. That's probably a good thing. As we passed one of the food vendors, Ethan said, "What the heck is Ye Olde Lemonade"?

Now: Jen is cleaing up the kitchen and listening to Richard Marx's greatest hits. Ethan is watching videos on a laptop and asking Jennifer if she'll turn off Richard Marx. Samuel is studying for something called the ISEE test, so that he can attend high school instead of going straight to work in a coal mine.

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