Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hurray! A real royalty check!

I got a $35.16 check in the mail today from Penguin Group.

This means two things:

1) "How About a Kiss for Me?" was a gargantuan financial mega-hit--perhaps the most successful book in Penguin's history, who knows? I am like Dr. Seuss, only more successful.

2) I can now drop little lines at cocktail parties like, "Well, we haven't yet decided what to do with the royalties from my first book. We've talked about re-doing the bathroom." (It's true: we've been talking about re-doing the bathroom for years, and the $35.16 will pay for a new shower curtain.)

I went online to see if I could figure out how many books earn out their advances and actually generate royalty checks for their authors. The two ballpark figures I saw were "3 out of 10" and "less than half." So I was high-fiving Kahlua and Bailey and tossing out dog treats, and we were all very excited. Then I went to another site, which said that most kids books earn out their advance because the advances are so small. And I chose to ignore that as "outlier data."

Only remaining question: what color shower curtain?


  1. Royalties from "How About a Kiss for Me?" = a kiss me shower curtain?

  2. Nice choice--the fact that you took the time to research that troubles me, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

  3. I'm thinking Fuchsia, the blue that goes with Fuchsia, the green that goes with Fuchia, and maybe the purple that goes with Fuschia. You know--kinda beachy colors!
    And get those seashell shower rings to go with it!

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