Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend update

I spent a good chunk of the weekend revising a manuscript called "How to Become a Knight in 10 Easy Lessons." I got comments back from an editor a couple of weeks ago requesting changes--a good sign. I'm not going to jinx it by being overly optimistic, but it means the odds of a sale have gone from 2% to 25%, and those are good odds for any writer not named Rowling.

The editor's comments were spot on, and my agent (a former editor herself) also made great suggestions. The final (?) revised version really is much better as a result. Feels good to have it done. It'll be in the editor's in-box tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

On Friday I got a Google alert for "How About a Kiss for Me?" I figured my book had been added to a local library somewhere. Instead it was a very nice comment posted on a kids' book blog:

I read everything, every chance I get and I have definitely instilled that in our 16 month old daughter....My personal favorite to read to her is a book we got from Scholastic called "How About A Kiss For Me" by Todd Tarpley. The level of cuteness in this book is off the charts! The first two pages...Do you like to kiss a dog/ Do you like to kiss a frog? As we read, I ask her if she wants to kiss whatever it is, sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't but it's just too cute and fun to read with her.

If I had more energy I'd write glowing reviews like that for myself under assumed names and post them all over the Internet. But I've grown too complacent in my old age. That one's legit. I swear.

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  1. Hey Todd -good luck with the knight book -it sounds like a winner.
    I'm enjoying your blog and I'm green with envy that you live on the Upper West Side. We took our kids in January and stayed out of the touristy parts of manhattan for the first time.
    So cool that you're a published author -despite the fact that you're now sporting progressives ;) . (I'm fighting the good fight and will continue reading my iPhone messages just centimeters from my face as long as I can, no matter how ridiculous I look doing it!)