Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Road trip to Myrtle Beach

Every family should take one long-distance road trip. Here was ours:

Day 1: Rough start.

5pm: Outside of DC. The clouds parted for a two-hour pit-stop at Six Flags America, with its circa-1980s, low-rent version of Hurricane Harbor.

6pm: The rain returned, so we changed into our street clothes, waited a  bit, then rode a few rides with no lines before jumping back in the car and continuing south.

11pm: First sign of Southern culture, at a gas station in Virginia.

12:30am: Spent the night at a hotel in Rocky Mount, NC. Too late to swim when we got there, but we swam in the morning.

Day 2: Back on the road by noon.

2pm: Whoa. An actual Cracker Barrel. I have no idea why this was so intriguing. Perhaps just the idea of mingling with actual old people.

Ethan was excited that one could buy ten candy sticks for only a dollar.

3pm: Back on the road. Everyone wishing we'd taken a plane. Tired of Sirius XM '50s channel. Tired of Sirius XM '60s channel, and '70s channel, and '80s channel, and Hits channel, and Liquid Metal channel. Ready to be in Myrtle Beach.

4pm: Sudden torrential downpour. What the--?

5pm: At last...

We checked into our hotel just in time for that giant dark cloud to unleash another torrential downpour that flooded the entire parking lot.

Day 3: Hurray! Sunshine.


Day 4: Beach and pools. Carnival rides.

 Day 5: Myrtle Beach Skywheel. Nachos and milkshakes. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

Did I mention Ethan's fear of heights?

Day 6: Well, that was fun. Back on the road.

2pm: North Carolina. Discount cigarettes, cigars, and Bibles.

4:30pm: Authentic Carolina BBQ.

Day 7: Washington, DC.

 Okay, been there, done that.

Back in NYC by 9pm.

All in all, a good vacation. Lots of beach time, lots of family time, and best of all, we didn't kill each other during the 24 hours spent in the car.

I think we'll all opt for traveling by plane for our next vacation. But, you know? It was kinda fun.

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