Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Six Flags: the final weekend

In an effort to wring the last morsels of value from of our season passes, I dragged Jen and the boys to Six Flags for its final weekend of the 2013 season.

Jen came willingly because it was my birthday weekend. Samuel was willing even though he had a lot of homework to do. Ethan would've preferred to stay home and play on the computer, like any normal person in fall weather would do.

Six Flags in October is a little bit like me in October: a sad shell of its summertime self. It tries to perpetuate the myth of fun outdoor activity by putting up cobweb decorations and red food coloring in the fountain and referring to it as "Fright Fest." But, really, it was just a cold amusement park. And it made me sad to walk by the closed log flume ride, completely drained of water.

But, like me, Six Flags will do whatever it takes to wring the last bit of August out of October.

And we got our money's worth, by God.

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