Monday, October 14, 2013

What I did this weekend instead of working on my manuscript

1. Attended a birthday party for Ethan's friend Zoe at Uno Chicago Grill.

2. Installed vintage "Edison" lightbulbs in the fixtures over our bathroom mirrors.


According to a home decorating website, the Edison lightbulb fad ended a couple of years ago. But we still have a white refrigerator from 1998, so being within two years of a fad is actually very good for us.

3. Got an old electric clock in the mail that I ordered from eBay last week, removed the non-working guts, and replaced it with a battery. It took way too long to get it to work right, and I'm afraid to go look at it right now to see if it's still keeping time. But...knock wood.

4. Installed new window blinds in the boys' room.

Their main window has been devoid of a curtain or blinds for almost a year while strangers peeked in at them playing Minecraft in their underwear at 2am. In fact, the blinds have been sitting on the radiator all that time--I've just been too lazy to actually install them. Thank God for manuscripts to give me something else to procrastinate about.

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