Sunday, February 8, 2015

Random weekend thoughts

Big event of the weekend: the Iowa/Penn State wrestling match, which was actually on TV--channel 382, the BigTen Network. It reminded me of the movie "Dodgeball" in which the championships were aired on ESPN 8.

The Hawks won, but there was an awful lot of cursing at the TV.

I went for a run yesterday in the February air and didn't pull anything.

I have one manuscript that has a nibble from a publisher--more than a nibble, actually; I think it's mine to lose--and today I finished and submitted my fifth revision. I'm jinxing it by mentioning it, but what the heck. Fingers crossed.

While I was writing I put my headphones on and listened to The Beatles Live at the Houston Coliseum 1965, on YouTube. The audience was Ethan's age. John was losing his voice and missed quite a few notes. And the whole thing lasted a mere 30 minutes. But there's nothing like "Dizzy Miss Lizzy."

The manuscript is done. The dogs need to be walked. I need to go to bed.

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