Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Back to school

First of all, this is among the worst pics I've ever taken. It looked good on the wall in the foyer of Ethan's school. I think it represents a school full of screaming kids. They hang it in the foyer so you can prepare yourself.

I hadn't been to the school in probably three months, because not only does Ethan go to school by himself, he won't even let me go with him when I want to. 

Tonight there was an event at the school--the Multicultural Festival. But that's not important--you can pretty much fill in the blanks using your imagination. The important thing was how much I've missed being at that darn school. Seeing all the little kids jumping and skipping and screaming and bouncing off the walls--literally. 

I hung out with Samuel. We filled our paper plates with rice and peas and other spongy Turkish Kathmandu Kazikstani food items, then sat in the area where all the little kids were playing. They looked like they hadn't had recess in about a year.

An exasperated teacher even came and attempted to break up the mayhem. I said Samuel and I would settle them down. Then we sat and enjoyed the chaos for another ten minutes.

Only little kids would think it's fun to have a race from one wall of a hallway to the other--three feet across. Over and over and over. With screaming and jumping up and down after each race. That's what so great about little kids.

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