Thursday, February 19, 2015

Welcome to Pennsylvania

Jen and Samuel took an overnight trip to Pennsylvania this week to visit potential colleges. Well, to be clear, they were actual colleges, but they are potentially colleges that Samuel might attend. On their list was Swarthmore, Villanova, Lafayette, and Bucknell.

According to Jen, they were late to every tour, which was not a surprise to me.

The big surprise is that Villanova is Catholic. When did that happen? Oh, 1842? Okay, whatever. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Jen said the admissions director was prattling on about the rich Catholic tradition, and that while it wasn't a requirement for admission, you know...hint, hint. 

But she and Samuel were sitting up near the front of the auditorium (or was it a chapel?), in the middle of the row, and they were too embarrassed to get up and walk out. ("Excuse us, not Catholic, excuse us, pardon us.") So they had to sit for another 45 minutes playing games on their cell phones until they could make their getaway.

In case the admissions directors of Swarthmore, Lafayette, and Bucknell are reading this, Jen and Samuel feel you have wonderful schools and campuses, and you're still in the running.

We need to do a short trip upstate in a few weeks to check out the New York schools; hopefully I can participate, if only to keep everyone on schedule.


  1. I went to Swarthmore (thirty years ago), and it is a wonderful college. Very rigorous, but also very focused on how to think critically, adapt easily and learn continuously. My major was Latin American Studies, and though I have been a software designer my whole professional life, I have never once regretted the liberal arts education which has helped me communicate and process information well.