Saturday, March 28, 2015


Ethan got accepted off the wait list to his first-choice high school. It's called Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School--LREI for short. It's private.

Ethan also got accepted to his first-choice public high school.

So Jen and I had a conversation about it. Should he get a perfectly good education for free? Or should we go further into debt for the next four years so that Ethan can go to his dream school? And what about college for Samuel in a year-and-a-half? What about college for Ethan in four years?

Our conversation went like this:

"He really loves LREI."

"I know."



Jennifer anchors me to Earth. If not for Jennifer, I would have ten kids and six dogs and be three times bankrupt. She has been a stabilizing force for me. In return, I have been a de-stabilizing force for her. This has proven to be very good for both of us.

I'm a big believer in logic and reason, but I'm an even bigger believer in heart, because life is short, dammit, and if you wait for everything to make sense, you'll find yourself at the end of the road having never taken a chance, never having your heart broken, never having done something impulsive and crazy that later you either say, "Damn, that was stupid," or, "Damn, I'm glad I did that."

So Ethan's going to LREI. And that's just that.


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