Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekend in New Jersey

I could probably write a good Barry Manilow parody with that title, but no one under 50 would get it.

We did spend the weekend in New Jersey, and it was a nice mini-vacation.

I had a Saturday morning book reading at Watchung Booksellers in Montclair, a great little book store in a great little town. About a dozen kids showed up, including an enthusiastic 4-year-old boy with a Spider-man sweatshirt who luckily was also into ninjas.

Two little girls who used to go to Ethan's school also came. After the reading we went to their house for a snowball fight and snowman building while Ethan played games on his phone and ignored us. Samuel and I are over-sized kids. Ethan? He's a teenager; he has out-matured us both and is simply biding his time until college.

In fact, when we got back to the hotel and went to the pool, Ethan waded in halfway, then said, "You know, swimming pools were more exciting before smartphones were invented."

But we got to spend some quality time together, have a sushi dinner last night, sleep late this morning, and have brunch at a real Jersey diner before heading back home to Manhattan in time for a Sunday afternoon run.

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  1. Cool snowmen. I like to build snow-Bears but didn't get snow this year :@) I will keep a look out for your books.