Sunday, July 30, 2017

Brigsby Bear

We had a New York moment tonight. Ethan wanted to see a new movie called "Brigsby Bear," but none of his friends wanted to go.

So Samuel and I agreed to go see it with him. I scanned Fandango and said, "It's playing in Lincoln Square at 10pm, or in 45 minutes on Houston Street."

Ethan voted for now, so we headed downtown. The theater was so packed that we had to sit at the very front.

I could tell immediately why Ethan wanted to see it. It was very Ethanesque.

At the end of the movie no one got up from their seats, even after the credits ended. There were three director's chairs immediately in front of us, facing the audience, and suddenly the star and director of the movie were sitting down to be interviewed.

I whispered to Samuel and Ethan, "Glad you guys chose this showing. Only in New York."

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