Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lemon Squeeze at Mohonk

Four down, four to go on the Summer bucket list.

Today we climbed the Labyrinth/Lemon Squeeze. It's a trail on the grounds of the Mohonk Mountain House, an old Victorian resort in New Paltz. The hotel is outrageously expensive, but they sell day passes for hiking the surrounding trails for $27. (Still not cheap, but less than $1,150/night for a room.)

The Labyrinth/Lemon Squeeze entails climbing over boulders, squeezing through narrow rock passages, and scaling occasional hand-hewn wooden ladders.

No harnesses were required, but it was definitely physically taxing.

Eventually we emerged atop a 300-foot cliff overlooking--well, everything.  

We feel more manly for having done it.

Even Ethan, king of the bedroom laptop, said, "That was fun! I'm glad we did that!"

Me too.

There is a lot I don't enjoy about being single. But I'm enjoying being a boy with my boys.

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