Sunday, August 13, 2017

Jet skiing in Jamaica Bay

This was a biggie on the summer bucket list, both psychologically and financially, and we crossed it off today.

Jet ski rentals don't come easy or cheap in NYC. Most places offer "guided tours" instead of rentals, presumably so they can charge more money while keeping a closer eye on the idiots who drive up their insurance premiums.

We had to go all the way out to Rockaway Beach, a nearly 4-hour round-trip subway ride from the Upper West Side. We would've rented a car but the jet ski rental was $160/hour. We needed to cut costs somewhere.

Samuel and Ethan were up first.

While they were gone I took a few buff selfies. I figured Samuel would be putt-putting around at 20 miles an hour the whole time, but they informed me later that they "got it up to 38." So I look calmer than I should have looked.

When Ethan and I went out, he immediately said, "Dad, can I drive?"

I said, "Son, you know the rules state that operators must be 18 or older. Letting you drive wouldn't be legal or ethical. I'm shocked that you would ask."

A few minutes later I had been thrown from the jet ski due to an overly sharp turn into a wake. It turns out there probably is a good reason for the rule after all.

FYI, this is the last photo ever taken of me wearing my black running cap. 

But three thumbs up for jet skiing.

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