Monday, August 7, 2017

The ice caves at Sam's Point

They're not really caves so much as deep crevices, and they're not made out of ice. But they are kind of cold inside. And there is natural spring water that you can drink from the stream (I did).

The ice caves were on our Summer Bucket List, and today we crossed them off.

Sam's Point is the highest point of a large ridge, and the views were impressive.

Here's the trail leading down to the ice caves.

And down...

There were stone steps in most places, so while the hike itself required some stamina it wasn't physically exhausting or particularly difficult. 

Oh, I made a friend. Of course, it's not enough for me to just say hi and move on. #iamwhoiam

We had fun. It's fun to go on adventures with my boys, to put my personal cares on a back burner for a while and just be in the moment with them. Everything will be okay. 

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