Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dropping off Samuel

Jen and I drove Samuel back to Trinity yesterday for the start of his sophomore year.

His new dorm is nice. He already knew his roommates. It was a much easier drop-off than last year. But still  poignant because so much has changed.

It was the first time Jen and I had spent much time together since she moved out in May. In a way it felt like we picked up where we left off: I insisted on taking a shortcut to the dorm, which turned out to not be a shortcut. (Jen just rolled her eyes.) Jen couldn't find her car keys at one point. (I just rolled my eyes.) And we went to Walmart to pick up a few things (of course), and Samuel and I lost Jen because we were fooling around (of course).

It was a good day. Wistful. I hugged my Samuel very tight. And when Jen dropped me off at my apartment, I said, "Thanks," almost adding "Sweetheart" out of habit.

Things change. People change. You find your equilibrium and move forward.

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