Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Last item on the summer bucket list

The boys had never been waterskiing. I hadn't been since 1989.

Ethan and I rented a car on Saturday evening. Samuel took a bus from Trinity to New Haven, we picked him up, then stayed at a hotel in Shelton Saturday night.

This is my tired big boy.

The hotel room had only a king-sized bed, so I had to take this picture.

We slept late on Sunday--no time for the hotel jacuzzi or even the complimentary breakfast. Just enough time for the Dunkin' Donuts drive-through.

The ski rental place was on a wide stretch of the Housatonic River, in Derby. A guy named Gary, who looks like a younger Christopher Lloyd, rents out his ski boat by the hour, including equipment and his services as the driver. 

The boys volunteered me to go first. I managed to get up on one ski after a couple of tries, and it felt the same as it did 28 years ago.

Ethan was next.

Gary gave him some instructions, and he got up pretty quickly.

Ditto for Samuel.

When the boys were toddlers we used to pretend to waterski in swimming pools. I was the ski boat. They'd stand on my bent legs in the water, facing me, and hold my hands, then I'd tell them to say "Hit it!" Then I'd pull them around the pool making motor boat sounds.

I have to confess, I got a little teary eyed yesterday hearing them say "Hit it!" in their deep teenaged voices.

My little boys. My big boys.

I never like to see summer end. But that's why we have summer bucket lists, so that we make the most of it. Cherish it.

I've said this many times, but I'll say it it again. When Samuel was born I vowed I'd never complain about anything for the rest of my life. There's so much misery and human suffering in the world, that to be blessed with this little human being...then with two little human beings....

Believe in God or believe in a cold universe, but don't be ungrateful for what you've been given.

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