Saturday, September 30, 2017

Second-generation deja vu

This is me and my niece, Mary, in 1988. (We both still pretty much look the same.)

I was single, living in Iowa, training and competing in freestyle wrestling. I had just met Jennifer and we were tenuously dating. I was at a point in my life where I was tired of being single. Holding my little niece Mary made we want a little girl JUST LIKE HER.

So this morning my little baby niece Mary had her own little baby girl: Freddie Hazel. 

She's just as sweet as my little Mary was when she was a baby.

(Shhh--let's not be judgmental about the name, okay? It's a perfectly fine name. If, when she grows up, she doesn't like the name Freddie, well, she can go by...her middle name...I suppose.)

As for me, nothing has really changed in the past 29 years. I'm alone again. I'm tired of it again. And I'd still love to have a little girl. JUST LIKE THIS.

Second-generation deja vu.

(I may go with a more traditional name. But...shhh, it's fine.)

Welcome to the world, little sweetheart. 

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