Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mountain Creek Waterpark

Every time we go somewhere halfway cool I want to buy a season pass or, worse, a vacation condo. If we had just a little more money we'd currently be in default on interest-only loans on properties near Rye Playland, Fire Island, Old Greenwich, Lake Compounce, Myrtle Beach, and, after last weekend, Vernon, New Jersey.

The best thing about Mountain Creek is that it has low-tech attractions like a cliff jump and Tarzan swing. Tubes and slides are fun, but there's something kind of primal about jumping off a cliff or swinging from a rope. It's like a waterpark for people who have refrigerators on their front porches and play the banjo.

Samuel and Ethan both inherited Jennifer's Caution Gene, which means they like to stick to things like the toddler pirate ship. (Jennifer used to make Samuel wear a helmet when I took him in the jogging stroller.) It was funny and sweet to see him sliding down the toddler slide going "Wooo-hooo!" with reckless abandon, like it was the biggest ride in the waterpark. He's still the sweetest boy in the universe.

On the way home we stopped for ice cream at Dairy Queen, followed by the obligatory 3-hour stop at Target "to pick up a couple of things." Two sound-asleep boys by the time we got back to Manhattan. Jennifer was asleep soon afterwards.

I stayed up a couple more hours checking out the price of condos in Vernon.

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