Sunday, September 21, 2008

Attack of the Evil Monsters and Spies (preview)

Okay, so for the past year Ethan has refused to cut his hair because he claims he's growing it long "for a movie role." After many months of prodding he finally dictated the script to Jennifer, who dutifully transcribed 8 pages, single-spaced. Locations include a school, an underground laboratory, a helicopter, the mountains above Los Angeles, a cave, and a castle.

The jaw-dropping special effects, including a helicopter crash and the explosion of a castle, will require the purchase of Adobe After-Effects, which I actually promised to buy if I get a new job. (Potential employers and executive recruiters, please note.)

I really want to finish this movie because:

1) I want Ethan to get a haircut before it reaches his butt, and
2) I have another movie I want to shoot with him, for which he needs short hair and for which I've already purchased costumes (i.e. "Officer and a Gentleman" re-make...seriously).

Alas, we've managed to shoot about half of his movie so far. Here's a sneak preview.

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